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Owner's Classes

We host special sessions for our proud Baby Lock owners. We demonstrate basic and advanced techniques for getting the most out of your machine. From basic stitching to advanced embroidery, we explore the range of techniques that's possible on your machine. Our seamstresses attend regular training seminars at Baby Lock tech conferences to stay up to date. Demonstrating the machines in the showroom every day helps keep our skills sharp.

Beginners Classes

Everybody has to start somewhere. Your first stitch is a really exciting time; learning the basics of a passion that can last for a lifetime means that excitement never really ends. We love to sew, and we love to start others on the path to exploring their own depths of creativity. Schedule a class with our instructors to learn the fundamentals of stitching, embroidery, quilting, and other foundational skills. Come sew with us to build skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Advanced Classes

Never stop learning. There's a world of technique to explore, and we make an effort to seek out instructors who are pushing the boundaries of fabric possibilities. We explore cutting edge techniques that use the latest technology to create wonderful items and look back at our heritage to keep alive the arts of heirloom stitching. When you're ready to take your sewing education to the next level, check out the advanced class schedule and see what can be learned from seamstresses with a lifetime of experience.

Special Engagements

Instructors from around the world make time to demonstrate their skills in our showroom. Our special engagements present unique opportunities to receive personal instruction from some of the most famous names in the business. We're involved in Shop Hops at the local and national level. Come sew with us at one of our regular open sewing sessions. There's always something happening in the showroom. Find out what's happening today!

All classes are subject to availability, so call now and let us know you're coming!


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