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Machine Servicing/Repairs/Classes

What can we service?

  • House Hold Mechanical Machines like the Babylock Jazz
  • Electronic/Computerized Sewing Machines like the Babylock Rachel
  • Multi-Needle Machines like the Babylock Intrepid
  • Embroidery Unit Service like the embroidery attachment on the Babylock Spirit
  • Sergers like the Babylock Triumph

If you buy the machine from us, you can bring it back within one year of your purchase date to have it fully serviced for free.

We can also service more than just Babylock Machines. The exceptions are as follows:

  • Pfaff Machines
  • Viking Machines made after 2008

Machine Classes

If you buy a machine from us, any owner's classes will be included for as long as you own the machine.

Owner's classes can be scheduled at your convenience, just call and make an appointment. If the machine is a non-babylock machine, please have Make and Model ready when you call so that way we can be sure it is something we will be able to teach.

Classes can last anywhere from half an hour to two hours depending on the machine and what exactly you wish to know about it. Do note that these classes are to teach you how to operate your machine and not how to sew. Top

Machine Repairs

If your machine needs repaired, and it is something not covered in a full service, our mechanic will call you with estimates and whether or not it is something we can do. When you bring your machine in for a service, you will tell us what all you think needs to be done or what you would like to have done and our mechanic will work with you to make sure your machine gets into proper working order. Top